Artist's Statement

My work emerges from my subconscious. I begin with a free form under-painting, using color, brush strokes and texture to create an atmosphere, an attitude, a feeling. I stand back and study the surface I’ve just created, connecting to the possibilities of the painting. Then I begin to apply an overcoat of color; line and form develop, colors shift and change as I add new color to blend and mix with the original. This allows the painting to emerge.

My paintings invite a new, personal dialog for exploring inner and outer worlds and how they come together, captured by brush and pigment on canvas.

My January 2014 show is exploring boundaries, personal, social and cultural, and even political. The show is called “Boundaries, No Boundaries” as reflected in the first eleven paintings on this website. I have also included the “Artist’s Statement” from the January show.



Boundaries may create safety and security, or they can restrict and isolate. A lack of boundaries creates chaos, while stretching or reaching beyond our boundaries can be fun, exciting, and sometimes dangerous.

Boundaries are made by the physical, a fence or wall for instance, or political, such as the borders drawn by different states or even ideas. Boundaries can be cultural and societal, determined by history or by the march of modernity.

As we mature in our lives, our sense of boundaries changes, our experience of boundaries changes. Our challenge is to look within and without and ask ourselves, are these our boundaries or someone else’s that I have been asked, or forced, to accept.

As an artist, I am challenged with each painting I create to assess whether to accept or possibly change and expand my artistic boundaries. Each painting is also an invitation to explore my own life boundaries. This exhibit is just such an invitation for each of us.

Victoria Smith Porcello
January, 2014